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October 2020

Dangers and health risks of Asbestos

Everyone knows asbestos is a toxic material, but when it comes to the dangers and health risks, what does the general public really know? When broken down, asbestos is 50-200 times thinner than human hair, it can float in the air for a long time undetected, not visible to the naked eye. This can be deadly as many Carpenters demolish… Read More »Dangers and health risks of Asbestos

What is Asbestos?

Many of us know of asbestos and how bad it is for our health, but the majority don’t know what it really is and where it came from. In the early 1900’s in the time of new technologies and using steam, kerosene and electricity, there were many new fire hazards being produced. When casualties at schools, office buildings and ships… Read More »What is Asbestos?